April 18, 2024

Communities Harboring Boko Haram And Other Terrorist Groups Also Deserve The Odi And Okwama Treatment

Ese Sanco

Communities sheltering Boko Haram and other terrorist groups deserve the same decisive action witnessed in Odi and Okwama incidents. The recent tragedy in Okwama, coupled with the ongoing military operations in surrounding Urhobo villages following the loss of 17 officers, is profoundly distressing. While condemning these killings, it’s crucial to address the protection of civilians during armed conflicts, a principle underscored by the Geneva Conference of 1974 – 1977.


The echoes of the past, particularly the events in Odi, where excessive force led to significant collateral damage, cannot be ignored. Yet, why hasn’t a similar approach been taken against Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, and other militia groups wreaking havoc across Nigeria? Why does such brutal force seem to target specific regions, like the South South?


The Okwama massacre, claiming innocent lives, stands as a stark example of the brutality faced by the Urhobo Nation. It’s imperative for the Nigerian government to consider a balanced approach, weighing justice with compassion. Forgiveness, a virtue often extended to politicians despite their failings, should also guide national reconciliation efforts.


May divine intervention guide our nation toward restoration and unity.


Sanco Ese,

Activist and Advocate for Justice

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