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Years Of Marginalization: Read The Heart Touching Open Letter Enekorogha Community Write Gov Okowa AN OPEN LETTER TO THE GOVERNOR OF DELTA STATE



Years Of Marginalization: Read The Heart Touching Open Letter Enekorogha Community Write Gov Okowa


Your Excellency,


We congratulate you on your divine return as the people’s governor of Delta State. We are particularly happy about your reelection as governor of Delta State, haven witnessed your acceleration in performance during your first tenure in office. We have no doubt that your performance in this second term will far outweigh your first tenure, seeing the crop of quality Commissioners you have chosen to work with, as members of the State Executive Council.

Your Excellency, we have in the last weeks noticed some forms of distractions from some hitherto respected leaders from our Local Government Area (Burutu). From the pages of the Newspapers who have seen such supposed leaders who accused you of some unfounded and untrue allegations of misappropriation. This same persons has had the opportunity to empower the people of Burutu Local Government Area and bring the needed development, but yet, they did nothing. They oversee and control a Ministry that has the highest allocation in their hands for years in state and Federal government we expected them to change the Ijaw landscape to look like Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, etc, but they did not to help the Ijaw nation. Your Excellency Sir, we urge you not to be distracted by such individuals whose actions are inimical to development and tantamount to envy, jealousy and societal stagnation.

Dear listening Governor, we have gone round all communities in Delta State, particularly those of Burutu Local Government Area and we were amazed and speechless at your stride of development. From road construction to solar lights, etc we are convinced that your SMART Agenda is functionally implemented nearly across the state.

“Our Dear Road Master”, it is needless saying that certain individuals may have tried to sabotage your effort by either diverting projects meant for a particularly community for another. Despite the fact that Enekorogha Community, one of the largest and most populated communities and a 99% PDP community is yet to benefit directly from the state government. Enekorogha community is in Seimbiri Ward Four (4) in the North part of Burutu Local Government Area, “It is a community that is on an Island.

Your Excellency Sir, it will interest you to know that up till this moment, Enekorogha community does not have Solar lights, nor is there concrete road. With the heavy flood, the community is eroding by the days as there are no foreshore walls. The only road to the community only ends at Ebiama Zion which is opposite the main community separated by the River.

“We the people of Enekorogha community are peace loving people, law abiding and God fearing people hence you have not heard any negative agitation from the community.

Dear Governor, permit me to intimate you that Enekorogha community had the highest number of voters in the last Governorship/Assembly elections in Seimbri clan in Burutu Local Government as well as the Presidential and National Assembly elections, as such, as a predominantly PDP stronghold we deserve the attention of the Delta State Government in this second term of your Stronger Delta. We are not in anyway agitating for a specified position of job, but we need the positive presence of government in Enekorogha community particularly roads, street lights and other form of infrastructure. More so, the proposed bridge to connect the community with others is yet to be commenced. We also need your attention in that regards.

Your Excellency Sir, as you stragegize to implement the second face of your Stronger Delta Agenda, it is our prayer that the good Lord will grant you the needed grace, wisdom, strength and health to pilot the affairs of the state and take us to the Eldorado that we all deserved.

We wish to use this medium to congratulate all our elective members and political appointees, Hon. Asupa Forteta Peter (Member, Representing Burutu Constituency 1 in the DTHA), Hon. Pullah Ekpotuyiren (Honourable Member, Representing Burutu Constituency 2 DTHA),
Rt Hon. Julius Pondi (Honourable Member, Representing Burutu Federal Constituency in the Green Chamber)
All Honourable Commissioners and Political Appointees of Ijaw nation.

Long Live Enekorogha Community!
Long Live Seimbri Clan!
Long Live Seimbri Ward 4!
Long Live Burutu LGA!
Long Live Delta State!!

Coordinator, Enekorogha People’s Forum (EPF)

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