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UniPort: Why Prof Georgewill Should Be The Next Vice Chancellor Of University Of Port Harcourt – Eze



UniPort: Why Prof Georgewill Should Be The Next Vice Chancellor Of University Of Port Harcourt – Eze

Port Harcourt: The fact remains that Prof. GEORGEWILL currently stands out as one of the most experienced leaders in Uniport today and with over 14 years of senior management experience, University governance and boardroom experience, I feel with all sense of humility that Prof Georgewill is the most experienced University leader currently and well qualified to be elected as the next Vice Chancellor of University of Port Harcourt if merit still counts in our system”



Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,[email protected], 08022049770


In my capacity as an author, a political analyst of note, a renowned public opinion moulder and a respected social media commentator, I have done series of books and articles on some leading political leaders and political parties’ formation in Nigeria, but frankly speaking, writing on the academia, particularly on a leading professor in the stature of Professor Owunari Abraham Georgewill, KSC, FRSB London, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, an erudite scholar, a revered and respected administrator, an Author of repute with a lot of publications to his credit described as an outstanding scholar; his vision and mission to turn one of the greatest institutions in Nigeria, the University of Port Harcourt, situated in Rivers State, Nigeria, to one of the most viable and leading institutions in Africa, is an area very unfamiliar to me.

Attempting to make my task a bit frightening, Dr, Clement Edet a renowned scholar introduced Prof. Georgewill in a text message he sent to me as follows: “Prof Georgewill simply makes things work with his direct, innovative and teamwork approach. He is self-driven, impaectful, thinks on his feet and has a knack for results. His hallmarks are communication skills, dedication, scholarship, and excellence”.

In my confused state of mind on how to go about this unfamiliar task, David Rockwell’s quote came to my rescue, “Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent” coupled with the following quotes by some Anonymous Authors, “We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges.”, “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”, “When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger.”. I unequivocally resolved to embark upon this treatise based on these encouraging messages and the fact that challenges like the above case is what make a strong minded person in my mould to accept and embark upon this task of revealing to the world the history, challenges, future of University of Port Harcourt as Professor Georgewill embarks upon the journey of becoming the ninth Vice Chancellor of this great institution.

In making this attempt a bit clearer, my friend and brother whom I graduated with from University of Calabar in Cross Rivers State in the late 80s, a radical, fearless, Philosopher of a great repute, bold, who prefers to thread where the Lions are afraid to operate, a no nonsense scholar, Prof Andrew Efemini described, Professor Georgewill Owunari in the following terms, “He is a respecter of Elders, colleagues, staff, and students. He is conscious of the fact that the rights of staff and students must not be abused. We can therefore expect a conscious effort by him to negotiate and reach consensus with stakeholders on the way forward. Prof Georgewill has engaged in self development within and outside Nigeria necessary for running a first class university like University of Port Harcourt and I am convinced that Uniport under his watch will surely benefit from his well articulated vision of a great university. Perhaps the greatest quality he will bring to the table is his respect for constituted authorities in the country. We can expect special funding and projects to flow into Uniport from his goodwill and understanding and support to the administration of President Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.. With Professor Georgewill Owunari as Vice-Chancellor, we should expect full expression of students without brutalization and victimization. I expect him to have good working relationship with the Unions on campus”

In summary, with this clarity by Prof Efemini, the major aim of this treatise therefore is to expose and present the vision and capabilities or otherwise of Professor Owunari Abraham Georgewill to actualize his vision of making the University of Port Harcourt, not only the best university in Nigeria, but one of the leading universities in Africa.


The University of Port Harcourt, popularly referred to as Unique Uniport, in Rivers State in the crude oil and gas-rich Niger Delta region, was established in 1975 and officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission, Nigeria with enrollment range of 35,000-39,999 students. It is a coeducational higher education institution that offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. This 44 years old higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is 0-10% making this Nigerian higher education organization a most selective institution. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

The University have produced different classes of leaders in various fields most outstanding were the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and the incumbent Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the incumbent Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike, Chief Timipre Silvia erstwhile Governor of Bayelsa and incumbent Minister of State for Petroleum Resources coupled with other thousands of leaders holding established offices all over the world.


1. Professor Clement Isong 1st Vice Chancellor from 1975 – 1982

2. Professor Sylvanus Cookey 2nd Vice Chancellor from 1982 – 1989

3. Professor Kelsy Harrison 3rd Vice Chancellor from 1989 – 1995

4. Professor Theo Vincent 4th Vice Chancellor from 1995 – 2000

5. Professor Nimi Dimkpa Briggs 5th Vice chancellor from 2000 – 2005

6. Professor Don Baridam 6th Vice Chancellor from 2005 – 2010

7. Professor Joseph Ajienka 7th Vice chancellor from 2010 – 2015

8. Professor Ndowa E S Lale 8th Vice Chancellor from 2015 – 2020

9. ? 9th Vice Chancellor from 2020 – 2025


Prof. Owunari A. Georgewill who hails from Abonnema, Rivers State, graduated with an upper division second class honours Bachelor from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt medical school in 1990 and proceeded to do his housemanship at UPTH and NYSC at Edo state. He began residency training in 1993 and was employed as Lecturer 2 in Pharmacology in 1994. He also obtained a Masters degree in Pharmacology and became a Professor of Pharmacology on May 4th, 2010. He also holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Master of Science in Pharmacology and a Doctorate of Medicine in Pharmacology and Toxicology among other qualifications. He is a Professor of Pharmacology, a researcher, an administrator and an academic.


He is a fellow at Royal Society of Biology, London; Member of International Association of Medical Educators, USA; Member of Society of Pediatric Oncologists, Italy; American Society of Neurochemistry; West African Society of Pharmacology; Nigerian Medical Association; Specialist Medical Doctors in Academia; Indian Society of Pharmacology; World Academy of Science; Research in Medicine Society; National Cancer Investigation in UK; World Health Workers without Borders; West African Society of Toxicology and a fellow, Institute of Industrial Administrators.

He’s also a friend to New York Academy of Medicine and a Justice of Peace.

In 2015, he served as Honourable Commissioner of Rivers state Commission of Enquiry. Currently a member of Editorial board of Asian Pacific Journal.


In 2010, he was appointed Dean of faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, NDU.

In 2012, he was elected Deputy Provost of UNIPORT Medical School.

In 2013, he was voted into Governing Council of Uniport as Congregation Representative.

He has published a book “Reasoning in Drug Biology,” over 50 original articles in many journals, over 15 abstracts and several research works which took him to many places including Harvard.


With the tenure-ship of Prof. Ndowa Lale the incumbent Vice Chancellor of the Institution coming to an end come June 2020, The University Governing Council through the Pro Chancellor and Chairman of Council will be expected to appoint and announce the new Vice Chancellor after an interview of the candidates by April, 2020.

In consonance with the act establishing the University of Port Harcourt 1979 No. 84 as amended, Section 1 subsection 8(1-2), the Vice Chancellor is responsible for the academic administrative and financial affairs of the University.

And with the virtue of Prof Georgewill membership for four years (2013-2017) of the governing council of Uniport, which is the highest decision making body on governance of the university playing significant role in the affairs of University and in addition to having served as member of council, as Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences of Niger Delta University (2010-2011), as a Deputy Provost of the College of Health Sciences of Uniport (2012-2015) as well as Associate Dean, Students Affairs (2000-2006) and acting Head of Department of Pharmacology (2006-2008) coupled with all his other services in all these positions stated above were in all modesty, exceptional and the results well documented/

This enigma of our time has been trusted to serve as; Finance and general purpose committee of council, campus security committee of council, Appeals committee of council, Board of Cordec,/University Bottling Company, Chairman/member of senate ad-hoc committees, chairman board of UDPS, Chairman Post graduate verification committee, Member Board of the graduate school.

Others are; Chairman Departmental Graduate Board, Chairman/member of faculty boards, member of university senate since 2010, member board of the college of health sciences Uniport and NDU, Chairman/member of Nigeria University Commission accreditation terms to universities, resource person to Nigerian Senate on Education summit, consultant to senate committee on education, member of panel on Commonwealth scholarship plan of Federal ministry of education, Honourable commissioner on Rivers State Commission of Enquiry, experience in monitoring quality in higher educational institution and so on.

I expect that these experiences will definitely come in handy in ensuring that the quality of University of Port Harcourt as an Ivory Tower of high repute is never compromised.

The fact remains that Prof. Owunari currently stands out as one of the most experienced leaders in Uniport today and with over 14 years of senior management experience, University governance and boardroom experience, I feel with all sense of humility that Prof Georgewill is the most experienced University leader currently and well qualified to be elected as the next Vice Chancellor of University of Port Harcourt if merit still counts in our system.

To strengthen the argument of Prof Georgewill capability to lead Uniport to greater heights, Professor Sienye stated, “Prof Owunari is a humble & erudite scholar with sanguine poise & stoic determination to achieve. Achievement not necessarily for self but for humanity. His essence is humanity, his zeal directed at actualizing his vision for humanity. Trusting God to direct his path, he will launch Uniport on the tower of excellence in Africa. God bless Uniport”.

Throwing more light on the person and personality of Prof Georgewill, Comrade Kenson Ibialabo-Briggs the Author of ‘A Journey into the Creeks’ described Prof Georgewill thus, “He is a man much humble and kindhearted. An encounter with him will let you know his nature and true character. Very intelligent yet doesn’t pride in his achievements. Be friends all and his relationship cuts across status, levels and lines. He relates freely with the poor as much as he does with the rich. To him, life is just a passing phase and every opportunity given to you should be used to make living better for others and the society. With Prof. at the helm of affairs in Uniport, there will be massive turn around in the vacity’s educational system. He is a man with great vision and passion for the educational advancement of the society”


Throwing more light on the philanthropic nature of this great leader, Amasenibo (Deacon) Akie Opuene Hart the National President of Mangrove Forest Conservation Society of Nigeria (MFCSN) described Prof Georgewill thus, “The Colossus fondly called Owus: Prof.Owunari Abraham Georgewill is a prodigious asset to humanity in his dedicated, result oriented and progressive continuous contributions to poverty reduction, access to Education and Employment. My Childhood friend now turned brother started his selfless leadership activities right from Childhood and perfected it as an Adult. He touched his community and local Government positively as he gave food, shelter and medical care to the needy. At the State and Regional levels, he rendered qualitative and quantitative exemplary leadership in being a resource person to several inter- disciplinary and Intersectoral interventions.

He made tremendous pharmacaulogical contributions to my internationally acclaimed work on Kalaibiama Post Impact and Mitigative Studies that was sponsored by Global Greengrants of Tides foundation of The United States of America, the Mangrove Action projects of USA and Bothends of Netherlands. The Studies opened the eyes of the International Community to the negative impacts of Oil and Gas exploration activities in the Niger Delta. Prof Owunari did not stop at supporting my studies but also went further to bring the plights of Oil and Gas host communities to the attention of academic community and general public in his Inaugural lecture. His verifiable contributions to local, National and International academic Community is well documented which resulted in his being made a professor at a young age. He is a man with the Midas touch that transforms stagnancy to a state of vibrant activities. He has created several Oasis in the desert and can do it again and again. He is accessible and God fearing and can repeat the Ugboma UPTH Miracle at Uniport. It is not an accident that both of them are progressives , God fearing and masses loving. I highly recommend him to turn around our citadel of learning”.


“Prof. Georgewill has a track record of excellence and integrity in his service to the university of Port Harcourt, in other universities where he has worked; such is also the case when he worked for Rivers State and our country Nigeria, in various capacities at various times. His academic qualifications speak for him; he possesses international stature to provide requisite leadership (academic and administrative) to University of Port Harcourt. He has inspiring vision and sound strategy, as seen in his manifesto, for setting and achieving targeted goals that would ensure accelerated improvement in educational and research performance. His principle of building today for the future would certainly steer our university to greater development of right initiatives and priorities in a sustainable and culturally robust manner, expected in a university in the twenty-first century and beyond. His commitment to upholding the common good of all always and to quality education would immensely benefit the university community, the people of Rivers State, and Nigeria at large. With these, I think he can make a huge positive impact in improving the reputation of University of Port Harcourt as a choice university in Africa. I support his humble bid to serve University of Port Harcourt as it’s next Vice Chancellor for continued progress and development of this prestigious, unique institution of higher learning” – Rev. Fr. Justin C. Njiofor, PhD.

“Prof is truly humble but never timid, never a dull moment around him, he has time for everyone. For him everybody has something to offer and should be treated as important. He is highly detribalized and accommodating. He believes in getting views from people and harnessing them. He is a true leader who identifies with both the high and the lowly. At this point in his career, I wish him the best in his bid to become the 9th Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt. Prof is as Unique as Uniport.

Georgewill represents Good will for the University of Port Harcourt” – Chioma Obinuchi Wodu

Briefly, Professor Owunari Abraham Georgewill is a household name and true son of Rivers State. He is a Professor of Pharmacology. He is synonymous with HUMILITY. He is an Administrator par excellence. He’s an advocate of the oppressed, trustworthy, unassuming and a non nonsense man. He’s friendly to both the haves and the have nots. He is a always full of smiles but mean when it comes to the real business. Being VC of any institution is not enough or the only way to exploit the POTENTIALS in this man called Professor A. O. Georgewill. It will be one of the good things to happen to the University of Port Harcourt.- Sunday Adewusi,

“Prof. Georgwill Owunari, is the right man for the job for the office of the vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt River state. He is kind, loving, caring and brilliant. A detribalized individual and always interested in making a mark for tomorrow. He gives regards to everyone individual. He is a team player. He is very vocal and pays attention to the down trodden. He fears God .He doesn’t harbor grudges and not postpone rebuke for correction” -. Nmecha, Staff of uniport

“The man Georgewill Owunari is the Abraham of our generation, a pathfinder and has the mandate from God to lead his people out of Idolatrous practices unto righteousness, great and living faith unto the Lordship of our Saviour Jesus Christ. He is a fine gentle man, focused in life, full of uncommon wisdom,knowledge,brilliance and intelligence. You are a man of unspeakable integrity and unimaginable honour. An intellectual per excellence and an Administrative Czar.- Dr H.O. Stanley

“Professor Owunari A Georgewill is a Father, Mentor, Role model and a Leader to me. Now here’s a man an epitome of humility, selflessly optimistic, hardworking and very gentle. A moment with you is worth the experience. Your leadership style will really turn things around for good in the Rivers state. Your always available when needed” – Tamuno-tonye G. Wariboko

“I make bold to say that Prof Owunari Georgewill is my mentor. Homer, the ancient Greek poet described a mentor as a “Wise and trusted counselor”. This applies succinctly to Prof Georgewill who has played a critical role in guiding the development and career growth of numerous medical lecturer’s especially in the field of Pharmacology in Nigeria. He takes a special and personal interest in helping younger colleagues develop into successful professionals. Prof gives advice, sharing his own experiences without forcing decisions, encourages Independence and ultimately builds confidence. He will definitely provide leadership academically and administratively to the University of Port Harcourt if elected as the next Vice Chancellor of the University” – Dr Chukwudi J Njoku

“Professor. Owunari Abraham Georgewill is a distinguished Scholar with outstanding academic and administrative records with excellent interpersonal and team building skills and possess the ability to build bridges between staff, students, other members of the University Community and the University’s stake holders including the state and local Government in Rivers State. He has entrepreneurial drive and ability to attract extrastutory founds and mobilise other resources for the development of the university of Port Harcourt. He has the clear Vision for the further development of the University of Port Harcourt and the realization of it’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Goal’s. He has the ability to provide word class academic and administrative leadership for the University of Port Harcourt Community. He has ICT skills and has demonstrate managerial ability to work with people of many backgrounds, pull team together, manage complex system, and make tough decision fairly . In addition importantly, he has the capacity to be the Next Vice Chancellor of University of Port Harcourt” – Emmanuel Barima

“When the news came that Prof Owunari Georgewil is vying for the next VC of UNIPORT, I was overwhelmed with excitement because I believe he’s the right candidate for the job. His integrity, sincerity, education and professional experiences and achievements, diligence to duties, outspokenness, honesty and perseverance in ensuring the right things are done and with all fairness; says it all. He has basically handled more administrative positions as an erudite scholar. Even students tell the tale of his show of love and compassion when he was the head of Students’ affairs. I strongly believe in his passion to bring a new UNIPORT which will help in creating a positive impact on our dear RIVERS STATE. GOD grant you good success in all your endeavours” -. Dr. Omiete Victoria Olulu-Briggs.


“Professor Owunari Georgewill, is an ardent believer in justice fairness and equity.

He is a man that gets things done, he loves people’s will to prevail over the desires of the select few, peaceful, willful, and Graceful. The next UNIPORT VC endeared with this qualities is Professor Owunari Georgewill” – Dr. Olaniyi Olatunji Nelson. Former Uniport Council Member


As much as I would have loved to reflect the over two hundreds respondents who commented on why Prof Georgewill should be the next Vice Chancellor of Uniport but it is not possible to achieve that in one single article. But hopefully in my proposed book to be titled, “PROF GEORGEWILL THE ENIGMATIC UNIPORT VICE CHANCELLOR AND HIS FEATS”, I will try to reflect all the comments so please find it wise in your golden heart to forgive me I implore you all particularly those that I couldn’t reflect their views.


In my inability to answer this salient question, Engr. Victor Adokiye Georgewill, MNSE Prof Georgewill’s twin brother came to my aid and stated that, ” Eze, my conviction and motivation to support Sir Chief Prof. Owunari Abraham Georgewill in his quest to become the Vice Chancellor of Uniport, stems from his strong belief in the transformative value of education and research, and multiple contributions to Uniport and the society, which has not been fully explored by past vice Chancellors. His motive has always been to lead on developments that ensure continuous expansion of the University to be a strong and successful arena of learning after long he is gone. He understands that in an evolving academic arena like ours, working with all and sundry without discrimination or segregation to help in the navigation of the University through all unknowns, maintaining true missions and culture from competitors, is a veritable tool that adds value. He knows the implications of the challenges for higher education which requires thinking beyond the present, willing to take risks to surmount the challenges and in most cases, to sue for the enforcement of currently accepted standards with future benefits. His negotiating power to benefit the university is second to none.

Sir Alabo Prof. Owunari Abraham Georgewill, has a career as an academic that rose through the rank and file. From teaching to the demands of peer review and the myriad of time-consuming administrative duties in the family, academic arena and society at large, continued his research and will do more in a purely administrative position. Based on his past positions held such as: Examination Officer in the Department of Pharmacology, supervision of undergraduate projects and postgraduate students’ dissertations and thesis. He has served as Acting Head of Department, Pharmacology and Associate Dean of Students Affairs, Member, Hostel Maintenance Committee, Students welfare committee, Medical Officer, Team Uniport, Deputy Team Leader Team Uniport at WAUG in Kumasi, Ghana and Quaquadugo, Burkina Faso. He served as Board Chairman UDPS Governing Board. In all these positions, he discharged his duties creditably. He has also led and managed professional bodies within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

It is a norm that human wants are insatiable and Sir Alabo Prof. Owunari Abraham Georgewill, is not a pretender to claim that he fully understands every problems facing his colleagues, but it is very important that someone who has plethora of knowledge and has experienced many of the pressures as staff and can identify with the thoughts and feelings of the challenges they undergo, to proffer palliative measures to cushion the effect.

As a mentor, many persons are eager to know his strategies managing a balanced situations wherein too many are calling to get their share of his professional advice and the effect on gender, work and family life and his response has been that he is so lucky to work in a multi-talented staff that prioritizes effecting changes as well as unswerving loyalty to the Unique Uniport. These opportunities were created by friends and mentors with outstanding support and constructively overcoming challenges over the years. Being motivated by the feature and intense teaching and research and the collaborative efforts of staff to practice the current application of research outcomes, that yields the desired results.

His believe in the Unique Uniport as a transformative place that can assemble the future truth of the society, we find ourselves in today, is a lifetime privilege to make great changes in the Unique Uniport”.

ANUNA LINUS CHUKWUEBUKA B.Phil Rome supporting the views of Engr. Victor Adokiye Georgewill on the issue of Prof Georgewill becoming the next Vice Chancellor of Uniport, he stated, “I have known Prof. Abraham Owunari Georgewill as a researcher, an administrator and an academic. He is a receiver of several awards for his meritorious selfless services to humanity, grants and fellowships in his area of expertise. He has travelled widely and participated in several conferences both locally and internationally but still remains humble. Prof. Georgewill Owunari has been a man of himself with strong moral conviction. He is a great replica of Heidegger’s “Dasein” Being-qua-Being. He is approachable (down to earth), he is ever ready to listen to people and an uncelebrated philanthropist who is ever ready to put smile on people’s face despite his limited resources. A great advocate of utilitarianism and egalitarianism principles. A man of his word who stood his ground despite all odds (political affiliation). Indeed he is a blessing to any who have the opportunity to come across him. Politically, he is a blessing to mankind, especially Rivers State APC. Though in State opposition party, he always stood his ground (despite his political affiliation) especially as being surrounded by many PDP ardent supporters in his place of primary assignment which can be clearly envisaged in the last General Election. At times I got lost seeing the zeal with which he identifies himself with the opposition even during “defection boom”. He is a symbol of APC in Rivers State and UNIPORT in particular. He is among the few APC ardent members I see in UNIPORT “A Man of Great Moral Conviction” a man who can never betray any that have trust in him (trustworthy). He hates betrayal. His sincere aspiration to lead the University of Port Harcourt as the next Vice Chancellor was informed due to his love for excellence in education. Having travelled to different universities across the globe, taking time to understand the workings of the university system especially in Europe, he feel compelled/motivated with this wealth of experience to lead University of Port Harcourt (his Alma mater) in partnership with all University staff and other stakeholders, which he saw as a way of giving back to the society (Community Service) in appreciation of what Uniport has done for him.

He strongly believes that University shall be technologically driven, academically robust and physically alluring. As an Alumnus, he is ever determined to improve/propel the institution to a first-class university that would be globally competitive, both in educational contents and pragmatic delivery of teaching, learning and research outcomes.

He is a Christian with Anglican Communion. A Knight of Order of St. Christopher, an emblem of Justice of Peace. He is a man of vivacious spirituality and apostolic agility. He devotes his time to work in God’s vineyard. As a Christian, he strongly believes that to actualize any worthwhile project, no matter the quantum of human assistance, the Grace of God is highly inevitable. He always believes in Divine providence.

With this I am very optimistic that he will bring the university standard to superlative level, thus making it enviable in the eyes of her sister universities. We feel privileged to identify with him. We strongly believe he will deliver with our unflinching supports”.


1. Justice of Peace 2002 by Sir Dr Peter Odili then Governor of Rivers state

2. Conferment of Knighthood of St. Christopher, Niger Delta Diocese of the Anglican Communion 2008

3. Conferment of Kalabari Chieftaincy in the Abonnema Council of Chiefs 2009

4. Rotaract Club of Port Harcourt Township: Award of Excellent service 2015

5. Rotaract Club of COE St. John’s: Award of Excellence in Professional service 2006

6. St. Clements Anglican Youth Fellowship Degema: Patrons Shield for service to God and humanity 2005

7. Niger Delta Diocese Anglican Communion: Service Award in recognition for service to the Diocese for show of love to the Diocese and the Bishop, an epistle written in the hearts of men 2010

8. St. Augustine Anglican church Abonnema: Distinguish Service Award for service to God and humanity 2013

9. Association of Biochemistry/Chemistry Tech : Award of Patron for vast experience and benevolence service as a sign of confidence as a good leader 2019

10. National Association of Biomedical Students: Award of Excellence for Generosity, philanthropy, fatherly service and benevolence to students at large 2019

11. Port Harcourt University Medical Students: Honours Roll 2019

12. Grand Nigerian Youth in Ghana: Honour as Patron 2019

13. Nyemoni Grammar School Abonnema Old boys 81 class: Commendation for Professional Achievements and Doyen of Prestigious class 2019

14. Kalabari Kengema Ikia Ogbo of Abonnema: Award of Excellence as worthy medical icon of good service for contributions to the development of Abonnema community over years 2012

15. Port Harcourt Rotary Club: Conferement of Honourary membership for service to God and humanity 2014

16. International Institute of Professional Security: Best security supporting Personality South South 2014

17. The York City Choir Abonnema: Living Legend of Music Award for assistance and encouragement to choristers and the church of Christ 2011

18. Man O War University of Port Harcourt Command: Award of Excellence for remarkable contribution to humanity and the command 2005

19. Port Harcourt University medical association and Port Harcourt University medical graduate association: Distinguished Alumnus award for inspiring and contributing to the sustenance of PUMSA and its Alumni association PUMGRADA 2017

20. Nigeria Red Cross: special award as life member in recognition for contributions to the society and humanity 2013

21. National Union of Izon Ibe IJAW worldwide: Award of Excellence for contributions to the enhancement of education in IJAW Nation 2018

22. National Union of Rivers State students NURSS: Award of most student friendly lecturer for unending quest to improve the lives of Nigerian youth through various educational support and empowerment 2019

23. Youth leadership Network of Nigeria YNET : certificate of recognition for MERITORIOUS service sterling leadership qualities and positive contributions to development 2018

24. St. Mark Anglican church Alakahia: Macedonian Award 2019

25. League of African Development LEADS: Merit Award of Excellence for 2019 Distinguished African Patroits service as African Patriotic Personality of the Year 2019 in recognition for outstanding patriotism, immense contribution to African quest for development, MERITORIOUS service to God and humanity and Africa 2019

26. Snooker Section Senior Staff Club University of Port Harcourt: Snooker Merit Award 2018

27. Association of Nigeria Authors: conferement of honorary membership of the association 2018

28. Partum Awards recognizing creative individuals and organisations creme de la creme awards: award of excellence for sterling performance and contributions towards the development of uniport 2019

29. Ghana Nigeria Awards 2019: Impactful personality in Health award for great achievements, effective leadership, passion for humanity and consistent efforts in being a positive role model to young people across the world 2019


The fact remains that Prof. Owunari currently stands out as one of the most experienced leaders in Uniport today and with over 14 years of senior management experience, University governance and boardroom experience, I feel with all sense of humility that Prof Georgewill is the most experienced University leader currently and well qualified to be appointed as the next Vice Chancellor of University of Port Harcourt if merit still counts in our system. In this regard, I expect the Governing Council of the University to do the needful at the appropriate time.

He’s a devout Christian and a chief in Abonnema and happily married to Dr. (Mrs) Udeme O. Georgewill, a Lecturer in the department of Pharmacology and blessed with four children.

Finally, it is now left to you the Reader to decide if I have succeeded to do justice to this treatise or I have failed woefully. Let me know your opinion to guide me in my next effort on this man who has redefined what humility is all about. Thanks.

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria and can be reached through [email protected] or 08022049770

Comrade Kelly Gilor is a graduate of Communication Management from Delta State university (Delsu), Abraka. He believes in Justice and Equity with Good Governance. He is an activist of the Niger Delta.

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