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By Billy Egbe

Without mincing words or beating around the bush, I wish to draw the attention of good-spirited Nigerians to the fact that the widowed lady that was stripped naked needs counselling and financial assistance. She is without a job and has a three year old son. That’s a terrible plight in a country like Nigeria.

Nigerians are too careless with emotional and psychological issues. She could be depressed and nursing suicidal thoughts. NGOs and other humanitarian groups should endeavour to reach out to her and help her. I didn’t bother to watch the video because there’s nothing really interesting and unusual about the sight of a naked woman. It’s only some schizophrenic elements that would want to review such a video for personal fun. In fact, if you still have that video in your phone, delete it.

The lady was just a victim of circumstance. She must have been overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life, coupled with the sad reality of taking full responsibility for the welfare of her three year old son in her state of joblessness and helplessness after her husband’s demise.

Maybe her son needed three thousand naira for his books, maybe the little boy was sick and needed drugs, maybe she had been starving with her son for two days when she got an invitation from a man who probably lied to her that he was not married. You never can tell.

Women, especially single women and single mums without little or no jobs go through a lot in our society. In fact, there are women with husbands and kids at home, but still live like single mothers because they are married to irresponsible and lazy men who are not capable of taking responsibility for their families.

Most widows, single mothers and single ladies are faced with harsh financial problems. Pushed by the need to meet up with their financial obligations, they often prefer to date married men whom they judge to be more responsible than single guys.

It’s very hard to blame them when you consider the inflated cost of living in our country. I sincerely pity that lady and I plead with Nigerians to help her, just the way they helped little Success in Sapele. That lady didn’t expect all she experienced. It was dehumanizing and totally sad.

May God help all struggling single mothers out there. It’s not an easy task.

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