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Rivers Politics: River State Students Condemns Senator Abe’s Group For Linking Amaechi And Eze To Unfounded Diabolical Practices



Hon. Amaechi Rotimi

Rivers Politics: River State Students Condemns Senator Abe’s Group For Linking Amaechi And Eze To Unfounded Diabolical Practices

Rotimi Amaechi


The attention of Rivers APC Students’ League has been drawn to a piece captioned “TODAY CRA FLEW INTO IMO STATE WITH A PRIVATE JET TO MEET WITH HIS EZEDIBIA, THE NATIVE DOCTOR” currently trending on social media and written by one misguided and demented Gonum, another media toddler to Senator Magnus Abe on behalf of the Abe’s Team.

Reacting to the sinister report, Oge Okparanta the Publicity Secretary of the Rivers APC Students’ League on behalf of the Rivers State Students condemned the evil induced report that tries to portray Amaechi as a diabolical person. This unwarranted and malicious attack once more portrays the former Senator as missing the path of integrity and honour by trying to malign and defamed the person and personality of the Minister whose belief in God is not questionable besides the Minister is the godfather to Abe’s son.

It is sad and unfortunate that Abe should allow his misguided data boys to continue to ruin the person of a man whose impact in his life is widely acknowledged

For avoidance of doubt,we did not want to accord any response to such a half-baked, jejune and blackmailing article invented with the innermost intention to batter the unblemished images of Rt. Hon. CR. Amaechi and Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze especially among members of the Christian faith to which the resourceful duo belong, but we are constrained by the sycophantic prowess of Abe and his ”Data Boys” who have thrown to the wind all moral values and sense of humanity in their daily task of blackmailing Chibike Rotimi Amaechi and a chieftain of the APC and former National Publicity Secretary of the defunct nPDP, Chief Eze C. Eze.

Rivers students wish to state categorically therefore that, as a devout christian of the Catholic province, Chibuike Amaechi is not diabolical and not afraid of the future and his political fortunes that he should go about consulting seers, soothsayers, fortunetellers, necromancers, marabout, magicians, etc as peddled by men of the underworld.

While we rise in condemning the content of the piece in its entirety and urge the reading public to disregard and treat same as a package of misinformation, misrepresentation and modern internet fabrication contrived with the sole intention of consoling the catalogue of political misfortunes about to befall Sen. Abe upon the reappointment of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi as a Minister of the Federal Republic soonest, we further encouraged them to take solace in the wise saying that; ”man lives not by bread alone, but by developing muscles to absorb the shocks of life without a word for suicide.”

The rumour failed all credibility tests as all the points raised thereof against our high profiled CR Amaechi and Eze Chukwuemeka Eze are untrue, baseless and frivolous and should not be regarded as anything but mere mischief.

We therefore request Senator Abe not only to call his boys to order but to ensure that such a malicious article never be presented to the public again.


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