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Anuna Linus Chukwuebuka, 0806 121 0590

Dear Chief Eze,

As each day passes your zeal and determination for good governance and leadership style of Nigerian political leaders increases despite all threats. I pray God to guide you in this not-an-easy-task. For all these while, you have proven that you so much desire political decency and development. You really wish to see a united APC in Rivers State as 2023 General Election approaches.
You started this by trying to reunite Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and Senator Magnus Abe towards forming a formidable and indomitable APC party come 2023.

You clearly did this by begging Hon. Rotimi Amaechi to forgive Senator Abe in the interest of party unity. As Rotimi Amaechi promised to do that in the interest of Part Unity, by heeding to your sincere and selfless supplications, despite a huge calamity that the Party witnessed due to Magnus Abe’s actions and inactions before, during and after the State Congress towards 2019 General Elections; where Rivers State APC did not field any candidate consequently, presently not having any politically elected person both at the federal and state levels.

You went further to genuinely appreciate the efforts made by the National Working Committee towards having APC State Congress in Rivers State. Your wonderful and honest interest will never go down lane in the history of APC Rivers State in particular and Nigeria in general. You are strongly determined to rewrite APC history.

As Rivers State APC family were delighted and still jubilating for the wonderful work by the National Working Committee, Senator Abe from nowhere again resurfaced, and vow never to see Rivers APC have peace, by making sure that the party remain stagnant and inactive, and make Hon Rotimi Amaechi politically irrelevant; even as 2023 general elections draws near.

Logically, any right thinking person will always ask this pertinent and relatable question: “What actually do Senator Abe want in Rivers APC?” He always act as a thorn in the flesh of APC Rivers State.

Frankly, before now I had a wrong notion of the whole political tussle. I heard people from Abe camp alleging that Amaechi insulted Senator Magnus Abe in front of his wife, and refused to support Senator Abe ambition of becoming the next Governor of Rivers State and that some APC bigwigs are strongly behind him.

But now, it is crystal clear that Amaechi MAY have not supported Sen Abe in his quest for his Governorship aspiration on two grounds namely:
1. Close Relationship with Gov. Wike: It was virtually observed that Magnus Abe was seen secretly attending some events with Gov. Wike, and is plotting on how to destabilize Rivers State APC, just to frustrate the effort of Hon Rotimi Amaechi towards reclaiming Rivers State from the opposition party PDP, so as to make the road easy for the Governor; as Wike might have sensed serious danger, if APC is allowed to participate.

2. Based on financial strength: He must have seen that Tonye Cole is more financially stable to muscle out the contest, as he is ever determined to make sure the power return to the ruling APC.

Senator Magnus Abe having allowed himself to be used as a tool against his political party, Wike now sees himself as a “Political Superman”, putting himself in the same level with Hon Rotimi Amaechi as one of the Political Equation Solvers in Rivers State and Beyond.

Nevertheless, no right thinking person will condole the antics of Senator Abe no matter what reason. Because common good or interest “general interest” always supersedes individual “egoistic” gain and interest. The law of causality always states that there can never be an effect without a cause, a child without mother, even a smoke without fire. Trying to find Senator Magnus moral justifications, the only information I got in my unbiased attempt from his few supporter was that Rt. Hon. Amaechi did not want to support his aspiration before 2019 General election congress. And that Amaechi made this open even before Abe’s wife.

The fact still remain that Amaechi might have his own numerous reasons for not supporting Abe’s ambition, which I believed is for the interest of the party; and he must have conveyed same to Abe. Among his reasons includes Abe/Wike relationship, as Abe is perceived as Wike best pal, which Amaechi may not at that time be comfortable for the fear that he (Abe) may strike a deal with Wike and may hamper the party attempt to take over the power from the opposition. Truly, most APC members who observe or were in attendance at some of these occasions will make bold to tell you that Amaechi decision was ranked best. The Sen Magnus Abe body language will tell even a market woman that he must have struck a deal with the sitting Governor. Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi should never be held responsible for Sen. Magnus Abe’s political woes.

Despite these reoccurring problems that are still bordering Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi namely “Wike’s determination to destabilize Rivers APC using Magnus Abe as an instrument to actualize this political inappropriateness, claiming to be a game-changer. A similar situation is also observed as the Governor vowed to install his own candidate as the next Vice Chancellor of University of Port Harcourt, 2020; virtually where all the members of the Governing Council are PDP, as he prepare towards 2023 General elections. He knows too well that most collation officers (INEC ad hoc staff) are mostly University Lecturers, just like what we witnessed in the last concluded General Election where mostly all the Collation officers are PDP ardent supporters. But he should remember Vice Chancellor is not party related. Almost all the Vice Chancellors in most University in Rivers State are all PDP card bearers. We should allow the most qualified, if merits still counts.

In the last concluded General election, Abe claimed to have worked massively for APC just to draw Buhari’s sympathetic nerves and be politically relevant. But the President in his wisdom understands the political deceitfulness or self-promotions. I believe the president may have understood his frolics. Unfortunately, those who sincerely suffered and worked for APC party in the just concluded election and still never seek for any political position like Sen Abe, the like of Prof. Georgewill Owunari Abraham who was singled out by Governor Wike accused him of plans to rig General election in favour of APC, due to his clear and unhidden dedication and commitment towards the re-election of President Mohammad Buhari. Sen. Abe is advised to take lead from this academic icon with humble background and should know that “Pride is Dangerous to Success”. This distinguished scholar have really contributed massively towards the progress and advancement of APC family both at state and national levels since its inception and still remained loyal despite never being rewarded. He is APC body and soul without any political portfolio or something to show. He always seeks the interest of the party before his personal interest. If Abe is actually working for APC, Wike would have been very careful of him, but ironically, they are best pals. APC at the National level should allow Hon Rotimi Amaechi, the opportunity to dig out these bad eggs (saboteurs) within the party, who are bent in destroying APC in Rivers State for their own selfish gain.

Again, I pray Senator Magnus Abe to please stop working against the party he claim to belong to, because of reasons best known to him. It is crystal clear that he is working against the party he claim to love so much; he should have a rethink and sincerely reconsider his stand and identify himself with APC Rivers State once again or better leave the party peacefully.

I plead with the authority of APC National to find a lasting solution to this persisting quandary, by giving Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi the needed corporation to move APC Rivers State forward. Finally, I pray God to give Rt. Hon. Amaechi the grace, wisdom and strength to ride on despite betrayals. They should also help to control the exploits of Senator Abe for the interest of the party or be shown an exit door.

Conclusively, Eze you are vindicated, you are an unbiased political observer and analyst. No right thinking person will say that Abe got it right, having first denied APC the opportunity to partake in the last concluded General election and now still want to plug the same party into another crisis, and still want his actions justified. Let’s stop being economical with the truth. The Rivers State APC situation is terrible.

“Pride Danger to Success”

Long live Rt. Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi

Long Live Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

Long Live APC Rivers State

Anuna Linus Chukwuebuka is an APC Chieftain based in Port Harcourt and can be reached through his WhatsApp Number, 08159435542

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