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PDP Congress: Why Burutu Youths And PDP Youths Wants Hon. Tam Godspower Odogwu As The Chairman Of PDP In Burutu Local Govt, Urged Stakeholders To Support Him



PDP Congress: Why Burutu Youths And PDP Youths Wants Hon. Tam Godspower Odogwu As The Chairman Of PDP In Burutu Local Govt, Urged Stakeholders To Support Him


Hon.Tam God’spower Odogwu hail from Tamigbe town in ward 2.

He is call to served his good people of Burutu LGA .He is a servant Leader with distinct leadership character .

He is a man with so much potentials and willingness to ensure that PDP will be more united in our LGA .

Hon.Tam God’spower Odogwu is a household name in PDP in Burutu LGA and he is a grassroot man for everyone and every sons and daughters of Burutu Local Government Area is seriously appealing to the critical stakeholders of PDP to elect him as the party chairman of Peoples Democratic Party ,PDP, in Burutu LGA

With a careful look at the political antecedent of Hon.Tam God’spower Odogwu in the People’s Democratic party, PDP, Burutu LGA,we have decided to appeal that he should be made the party chairman in Burutu LGA. He has shown capacity and technical know-how in the business of Burutu politics. He has served the leading party in the state in various capacities over the years .He is some one with strong vision and aspirations to move the party forward at all times. He is greatly loved by his people in Burutu.

He is very transparent, reliable, credible humble, tested and trusted. He is an academician with vast knowledge and experience to be the party chairman in PDP Burutu LGA. A man with the ability and capacity to carry every members of the party along in Burutu LGA .He has Bsc political science and two master degrees , first in public administration and second one is political science with many other professional certificates.
He has the leadership Charisma, ever vibrant and bold with proactive leadership ability to handle issues in our constituencies.

He has contested twice in Delta State House of Assembly primaries under the Peoples Democratic Party. In 2014, he contested PDP primaries and lost to Hon.kenneth Daubry, and 2018 he also contested PDP primaries and lost to Hon.Pullah Ekpotuayerin.
But for the interest of the great party, he continues to work for the party to ensure that PDP candidate carries the day of the general elections. He has sacrifices alot for the success of the party for many years. Due to his commitments and faithfulness, he was nominated as a youth mobilization campaign committee member for the immediate past general elections. He is the voice to the youths in our constituencies.

Hon.Tam God’spower Odogwu, aka, Kerebokediba is a great leader with visionary leadership character of moving the party in every four corners of Niger Delta and beyond .He is a rare gem in Ijaw Nation with the passion to develop and bring more unity to the party.

The youths of Burutu LGA are humbly appealing to every meaningful stakeholders of the People’s Democratic Party PDP to consider Hon.Tam God’spower Odogwu to be the party chairman in Burutu LGA in the next Congress of the party.

Vote Hon.Tam God’spower Odogwu as PDP chairman in Burutu LGA .


Snr .Comr Paul Akpowaide, National president IPWD,A Niger Delta Human Right Activist.

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