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The sordid political practice in Nigeria is becoming unbearable, malicious, harmful towards sustainable peace, love and unity in the country. It is evident that Selfishness, pursuit of self-interest and self-aggrandisement are the driving forces of Nigerian politicians. From bottom to top and back again, of those emotions, not one is free, not one is clean. Nigeria’s widely touted emblem of what is sane and altruistic in the polity.

From 1999 till date Nigeria has experienced borderline mode of political operations whereby protagonists unleashes hatred, acrimony, PHD and every form of unfriendly attitudes just to satisfy their political parties, leaders, bosses.

It has become so bad that we practice party politics like Iran and Iraq, do or die, light and darkness, if not me not you. Even two brothers who belong to different political party can’t eat together, snap pictures together, walk together, appear in public functions together, ride together. Destructive criticism is fantasized as order of the day! How do we get here? Can this kind of political practice metaphor Nigeria to a develop country? What we see before us in Nigeria is politics devoid of kindness and truth… today, politics is not being used in the service of the people: it is being used to crush each other , not to lift ourselves up.

It’s high time we change the narrative, our political ideology, and play politics in a more egalitarian manner. If God and Satan can come together to discuss Job in the Bible, how much more we mortals. No political party worth our enemity! We should distinguish politics from bloodlines, inter personal relationships. Suffice to say, Political party is just a name that identifies group of people. It shouldn’t intoxicate us like baccy. Political party should not separate us in anyway. Nigeria need our unity in different stratification to maximize developmental progression.

The beliefs and practices we have adopted and apply in our civil and political lives must be overturned! What we do is what we believe, and if what we believe is right enough, it will show in our practices. The outcome of such a move will be a nation with growing political, economic, legal and social tendencies. Certainly, we all have not adopted the appropriate political beliefs and practices. Also, we are not getting it right at any level of governance to bring about the right and needed human and physical developments that we all envision for Nigeria. Something needs to be done to save the country; a cleansing or reformation needs to take place to avert the great fall of this great nation.

Simply put, political beliefs can be referred to as “Political Orthodoxy” while political practices can be called ‘Political Orthopraxy, and they both take their source from the intents of the players’ hearts. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson and I quote, “That which dominates our imaginations and thoughts will determine our lives and our character”. This implies that we are what we think; our thoughts go on to produce a set of beliefs in us to form some ideologies and principles that determine our everyday activities and our character. A politician, and of course anyone with wrong beliefs will, therefore, imbibe wrong ideologies, whether civil or political; and these ideologies will produce wrong civil or political practices that are a detriment to the tenets of true human and physical developments which are the purpose of politics.

Politicians tend to convince or deceive the electorate with what they believe is right as the case may warrant, but the question is whether the beliefs can actually produce the expected result that can make the belief right or wrong over time. After all, right beliefs and practices should bring good results.

Conclusively, we need to reject any political practice of bitterness and embrace politics of love, to politick towards achieving a common cause. It doesn’t mean we must all belong to the same political party but we must put aside all differences to accomplish the task at hand. Love should be a virtue in, and an end-goal of politics. We must direct a deep sense of warmth towards one another. We should admire and encourage those who are motivated by love in their political practice (rather than being motivated by the ‘power and domination’ to which hooks refers), and who express love through political action. We should then also come to see the securing of love as a fundamental aim of what is done in politics.

Comrade Kelly Gilor is a graduate of Communication Management from Delta State university (Delsu), Abraka. He believes in Justice and Equity with Good Governance. He is an activist of the Niger Delta.

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