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Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom Royal Crisis: Group Condemns Actions Of Pa Clarke, Ekpedibo, Egberibo And Akpesele On False Allegations Over Arrest Of Some Bigborogha Royal Family Members



Ngbilebiri Mein Kingdom Royal Crisis: Group Condemns Actions Of Pa Clarke, Ekpedibo, Egberibo And Akpesele On False Allegations Over Arrest Of Some Bigborogha Royal Family Members

*Says Action Is Barbaric And Selfish That Is Capable To Cause Anarchy In Ngbilebiri- Kingdom*

*Francis Tayor*

Warri——– Prior to the recent arrest of some family members of Bigborogha Royal House in Ayakoromo, a group under the auspices of Concerned Citizens of Ayakoromo, Ngbilebiri Mein-Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State,has condemned the actions of some prominent Chiefs,Pa E.K.Clarke, Chief Yerin Ekpedibo, Chief James Egberibo and the Regent of the Kingdom,Chief Singana Akpesele who are behind the evil act against the late Pere Bogborogha 11 Family.

The group in a Press Statement signed by the Chairman, Mr. Thomas Dibofa, Mr. Akpos Podoki Spokesman and the Mr. Ebiowei Seidougha Secretary said, the actions of the chiefs is barbaric and selfish that is capable of plunging the most peaceful Ngbilebiri Kingdom in Delta State into anarchy if not properly checked.

According to the group stated, “We greet the people of Ayakoromo Federated Community. We also want to use this medium to inform the entire Ayakoromo Federated Community of the intrigues,lies and manipulations by Chief. E.K.Clark, Chief Yerin Ekpedibo, Chief James Egberibo and the Regent, Chief Singana Akpesele as it concerns the crises rocking the Ngbelibiri Mein-Kingdom.

The group lamented that the actions and inactions of those chiefs, especially Chief Yerin Ekpedibo and Chief James Egberibo from Ayakoromo masterminded the arrest of the Bigborogha Ruling House by the Delta State Commissioner of Police, Force Headquarters, Asaba. The two Ayakoromo chiefs in collaboration with Chief E.K.Clark and the Regent of the Kingdom, alleged in a petition that the Bigborogha Ruling Family sent a hired assassin, one Mr. David Emevor to kill Chief E.K.Clark,Chief Yerin Ekpedibo,Chief James Egberibo and the Regent of the Kingdom, Chief Singana Akpesele.”

“The frivolous Petition stated that,it was the alleged assassin,Mr. David Emevor who spread the news of the intended assassination of the aforementioned chiefs. According to the petition, on that fateful day of the incident, Mr. David Emevor was practically shooting sporadically and telling whoever that cares to listen simultaneously that he was sent by the children of the late king to assassinate Chief E.K. Clark and others.

Secondly, the two Ayakoromo chiefs in collaboration with Chief E.K.Clark also accused the children of Bigborogha descent of stealing the traditional Crown and other traditional Artifacts critical to the kingdom. The members of the Bigborogha Ruling House who are alleged to have stolen the crown and whose names were shortlisted at force headquarters Asaba for prosecution includes; Prince Christopher Perekeme, Beauty Perekeme, John Akpotudougha,Vera Perekeme, Amadiowei Sabaikumo, Ahmed Sabaikumo, Patrick Kokole, Coachman Tietie and Kelvin Perekeme respectively.

Consequent upon the two allegations mentioned above,the accused members of the Bigborogha Royal House were arrested by the Delta State Commissioner of Police and were taken to Asaba on the 27th of June, 2019 to answer the frivolous allegations levelled against them. On their arrival at Asaba, statements were taken from Prince Christopher Perekeme and others. Thereafter, they were released on bail unconditionally.”

“However,the group stressed that, matters arising from this scenario is the role played by the two Ayakoromo chiefs. Suffice to say that the tension at the NGBILEBIRI Palace seems to be the handiwork of these two Ayakoromo chiefs whose ugly role in the crises becomes clearer and clearer every passing day. The deception of these two Ayakoromo chiefs has become very elaborate indeed. What is even more creepy is that these two Ayakoromo chiefs do not seem to be bothered about the fact that they are from Ayakoromo and that they are going against the Bigborogha Royal Family of Ayakoromo descent. Their actions and inactions have given impetus to Chief Clark to brand the Royal Family as thieves to justify his despicable acts.

It is rather absurd that the two Ayakoromo chiefs who are supposed to protect the Bigborogha family are the very ones bent on destroying it’s royalty. It is so painful to think that it is our own chiefs that are used to oil the evil plots of Chief Clark who has consistently and deliberately ridiculed, humiliated, oppressed and maltreated our dear King,Pere Bigborogha 11 for decades and in death. lt is indeed sad that those we thought would protect and fight for the interest of the Bigborogha Royal Household are the ones that connive with others to destroy its royalty. But the Ayakoromo two chiefs should know that Pere Bigborogha 11 served his subjects with a transparently pure heart. He ruled the NGBILEBIRI kingdom for four decades in peace and so no evil fashioned by man against the Royal family will prosper. The two chiefs know quite well that the allegations are spurious,frivolous, baseless and childish, yet they made statements at the police headquarters supporting Chief E.K.Clark’s claims.”

” The group further draw the attention of Ayakoromo Federated Community to be aware that what these two chiefs are doing does not represent the will of the people of Ayakoromo. We think their actions have given Chief Clark and others an unwarranted excuse to humiliate the Bigborogha Family through despicable means.We do not really know what to make of it. We sincerely regret that the two Ayakoromo chiefs allowed themselves to be used by Chief Clark to kill their own brothers just because of ego.

From the foregoing, it is imperative at this point for Ayakoromo Federated Community to remain alert in the defense of their traditional heritage. No group or persons should be allowed to distort the traditional order of the NGBILEBIRI kingdom.We doubt if the two Ayakoromo chiefs know the implications of the crisis they are about to generate for supporting the arrest of the Bigborogha family. There is no need for anyone to create crisis in a peaceful Kingdom. We urge Ayakoromo people to take a critical look at the issues raised so that we will remain a peaceful Kingdom, the group stated.”

Signed :

Mr. Thomas Dibofa-Chairman

Mr. Akpos Podoki-Spokesman

Mr. Ebiowei Seidougha-Secretary.

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