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JUST IN: Details of OURMUMUDONDO South/East-South/South Meeting Emerges




Following series of calls and social media posts brought to our attention by Nigerians who revere Ourmudondo Movement and its determination to purge our Nation of bad leaders, we waded in and had cause to carry out an independent investigation on the alleged compromise by our National Leader, Charly Boy Oputa.

After investigations carried out by the South South, South East zone of tge movement, we had resolved not to join issues with Mr. Adenuji Deji, the purveyor of falsehood, having known his stock in trade but for the interest of the reading public and our partners in this region we, state as follows:

CharlyBoy, being our national leader had known Barr Festus Keyamo for a long time and both have remained friends even though they disagree on some political issues. The former had visited the latter over rumour peddled by Mr. Adenuju Deji while in Prison that he (Festus Keyamo) was behind his incarceration. On the process, he (Keyamo) heard a song already done by Charly Boy in which he maintained that neither the PDP nor APC presidential candidates was good enough to be Nigerian President as held as personal view which he sustained till now. He maintained that both of them have been so recycled and should give way for younger people.

The song attracted Festus Keyamo’s attention which led to asking for a copy as one of APC campaign materials against PDP without knowing that the same video which all of us have watched also criticised President Buhari. Area Father, in his usual style, told Festus Keyamo to negotiate with his boys, the sound engineers. But in doing so, he should know that it is his intellectual property and should not take the video without seeing the boys.

Our investigation revealed that a copy of the video was later released to Keyamo and who in turn appreciated the boys that made available the copy to him.

As it was, since it was a visit with clear objective, by the time the APC spokesperson left our National Leader’s house, Charly Boy called Adenuji Deji to inform him of Festus Keyamo’s visit to his house and the clarification he made on the allegation of spearheading his incarceration. In his usual jocular nature, told Deji that Keyamo got a copy of a video he did against Buhari and Atiku without knowing that the said video is against them and Deji queried if he parted with money. Charly Boy answered in the affirmative, having known his kind of person. This was the audio Deji shamelessly circulated just to discredit a man that is today, the face of activism and youth emancipation in Nigeria.

This, Charly Boy did innocently and even told Deji to come over so they could discuss the issue and how best to get justice for him and continue the struggle.

As a region, we observe this as a media gang up. For Deji who had severally pleaded that the movement endorsed his party for presidency which we never yielded as the group is not in the business of endorsement, he considers this as an opportunity to topple the leadership with some segments of the media.

For a group that is duly incorporated with constitution, we consider the statement of one Ralph Adebayo the expelled National Publicity Secretary of the movement asking Area Fada, Charly Boy to step aside as laughable. One wonders in which meeting, presided over by who that it was resolved that our National Leader steps aside.

For a tribal bigot like Adenuji Deji who delights in blackmail and would be willing to do same to his parents . This was how he was also hired sometime ago to rubbish Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader whom he claimed was mouthy but appears to be more mouthy than Kanu who is driven by his ideology.

In as much as we know Nigerians, they do not take such fibble, fable and jaundiced statement by a drowning man serious. We consider the biased media hype given to the allegation as highly sectional and not good for the media profession and the unity of  Nigeria in a time like this.

No doubt, our national leader has his appraoch to issues like this as he believes that the innocent fears no allegation hence he even chose to make mockery of these elements whose stock in trade is blackmail. There have even been so many similar allegations in which, Charly Boy made scandalous statements against himself in an attempt to promote his brand.

We hereby, condemn in very strong terms the antics and dangerous intrigues of Deji and his co-travellers to achieve some obvious selfish end and state categorically that our leader is beyond blemish in this matter. We say this, having known him for a very long time and how he plays over issues which of cause do not deter him.


Dr Ndubuisi   Anaenugwu

Chaiman,Ananmbra State and Publicity Sec South South,South East

Comrade Samuel Egba

Chairman, Cross river State and Sec General of South South,South East

Comrade Precious Nwadike

Chairman,Imo State and Coordnator of South South,South East 

Jake Clifford is a Nigerian Born blogger and a fast growing Journalist, whose aim is to inform Nigerians with happening across Nigeria.

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