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IYC: Chief Horsefall Host Peace Reconciliation Meeting Between Omare And Oweilaemi



IYC: Chief Horsefall Host Peace Reconciliation Meeting Between Omare And Oweilaemi


Today’s reconciliation meeting at Chief A.K. Horsefall’s residence was by any measure, a huge success. Chief A.K Horsefall was both the convener and the Chief Host. Ijaw Nation is very proud of the Chief who also doubles as Deputy Leader of the ijaw Nation next in rank to Chief E.K Clark.

The reconciliation meeting was a closed door affair with only a few persons allowed into the meeting chambers. The 2 factional presidents of the IYC were conspicuously present so also was our affable leader and host. Captain Perekeme Porbeni, Chief Efiye Bribena, Yours truly and of course our indefatigable Master of Ceremony and lmpresario – Elder Regent Youmor.

The two disputants to the IYC ‘throne ‘ were advised and even ordered to sheathe the sword and let peace reign in ljawland. Captain Porbeni was not in any mood for jocularities when he came very hard on the two Presidents to portray maturity and make the ljaw Nation proud. He however jocosly promised to host the two of them whenever he sees a joint press release by the two of them

Eric Omare and Pereotubo Oweilaemi both spoke of their close relationship and desire for reconciliation and peace but pleaded for more time to brief their individual followers from their home bases. The Chairman of the meeting and several people present were not happy with this strategy from the two Contesting presidents but they were given the benefit of doubt by the house to make it brief and report back to the house before January 2020.

Chief A.K Horsefall then called the presidents to shake hands and embrace each other as the cameras and media team did what it knows how to do best

We then all came outside for drinks and refreshment from our Hostess ( Mrs Horsefall) who was very cheery and extravagantly generous.

This report can’t end without mentioning the fiery presence of tough talking members of the ljaw Women Connect (IWC), Ijaw Lagos Association ( ILA ), Lagos Chapter of IYC. Our own Mrs Aluko ( Mummy Pee) too was very active and Ebi Ogiri ,the Secretary General of ILA challenged the ijaw Nation to always carry their women along and think of female Vice Presidents when we elect our IYC/INC Presidents in future.

Ben Nanaghan

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