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Gbagi Congratulates Ngozi Iweala Appointment As Member Of South African Presidential Economic Advisory Council, Says Is A Well Deserved Appointment And She Will Be Part Of My Govt For The Betterment Of Deltans



Gbagi Congratulates Ngozi Iweala Appointment As Member Of South African Presidential Economic Advisory Council, Says Is A Well Deserved Appointment And She Will Be Part Of My Govt For The Betterment Of Deltans

…That He Bear A Personal Testimony To The Conduct, Character, And Principle Of Dr.  Okonjo Iweala As Colleagues In The Federal Executive Council

The former Chairman of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, former Minister for Education and Patron of the South-South Chambers of Commerce, Olorogun (Barr) Kenneth Gbagi has described the appointment of the former Minister of Finance and Managing Director of World Bank, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala as a member of the South African Presidential Economic Advisory Council as a profound and meritorious achievement.

“The former Minister of Finance who sits on several Boards including, Standard Chartered Bank, Twitter, African Risk Capacity etc, was recently appointed as a member of the South Africa Presidential Economic Advisory Council, a rare, yet, laudable feat.

In a press statement, the former Minister for Education, renowned industrialist, and philanthropist, Olorogun Gbagi commended the South Africa President for finding the right choice in Dr. Iweala whom he described as a very disciplined, principled and highly exceptional economist and international development expert of world acclaim.

Olorogun Gbagi further stressed that Dr. Iweala is one Nigerian who has upheld the good image and integrity of the country on an international scale, bringing to bear, her immense wealth of experience and expertise. As a crusader and champion for the cause of Nigeria’s economic growth and advancement with investments scattered across Nigeria and the African continent, Olorogun Gbagi expressed his satisfaction with the appointment while reiterating his assurances that Dr. Iweala efforts and contributions will no doubt rub off on the entire African continent.

Shrewd business mogul and largest private investor in Delta State, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi noted that Nigeria and indeed, Delta State are grateful for the rare gift personified in Dr. Iweala who has lived up to her family name as an illustrious daughter of Delta State.

Olorogun Gbagi however advised the Government of Nigeria to take concerted steps, do any and everything to bring Dr. Iweala back to serve the country sooner than later, and put to practical use, her wealth of experience as a consummate economist to pull the country out of doldrums and comatose.

Olorogun Gbagi further stressed that a highly efficient economic team is as important and integral to achieving sustainable economic growth as the plans they are mandated to implement. Without mincing words, the astute captain of industry advised that there is no arrogance in getting someone to do what you do not know how to do while adding that the reason the country is at a cross road today, against the norm obtainable in other countries with tested technocrats without blemish is due to the unbridled attitude of getting people who can hardly run a community of 30 people to run government, and this, is the singular reason the nation is stagnant.

We have qualified men and women and if we must get it right, they must be given the avenue to tender their best because no matter how much of a hue and cry we engage in, life and time is running out, the clock is ticking and no sensible human being will allow his God’s given gift to be wasted by jokers. Hence, if you allow a man who has no investment in any form or shape to take charge of a serious minded venture such as governance and leadership, we would run into problems.

In closing, Olorogun Gbagi admonished Nigerians to continue in the path of selfless service and patriotism as Dr. Iweala has consistently demonstrated over the years both domestically and internationally.

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