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Delta Guber 2023: Ijaw Agenda Is Superior To Your Individual Interest DIGAG, Says Ijaw Nation Position Stands



Delta Guber 2023: Ijaw Agenda Is Superior To Your Individual Interest DIGAG, Says Ijaw Nation Position Stands

…Those Using Ijaw Name To Visit Governorship Aspirants Are Political Hustlers, Urge Aspirants Not To Take Them Serious

We were the town criers that earlier passed the message to all and sundry about the Ijaw governorship agenda. The Ijaw nation has accordingly come together to validate our message. Therefore every son and daughter of Ijaw nation is standing by the communique issued by the Stakeholders at BB Hotel in Warri on the 22nd of May, 2021.

It’s appalling that some self-seeking political and stomach hustlers are using the Ijaw name to deceive some unsuspecting but desperate Governorship aspirants in the State. The meeting purportedly held by some unverified Ward executive PDP members with a governorship aspirant from the Delta Central did not reflect the collective views of the Ijaw nation. No Ijaw Ward leaders from Bomadi, Burutu, Patani, Warri South West and Warri North has endorsed any Governorship aspirants from the Delta Central.

It’s even confusing or rather amazing that the said faceless Ward leaders who purportedly endorsed the said governorship aspirant on the day Ijaw leaders from different backgrounds were meeting at BB Hotel in Warri to take a position on the 2023 governorship agenda. That alone has shown that some political hustlers are on the prowl, using pseudo names to beguile their unsuspecting victims.

We want to sound it clear to all discerning minds that the Ijaw position is unwaveringly sacrosanct which every serious Ijaw man subscribes to it. We have no problem for an aspirant to meet delegates but using the toga of Ijaw leaders sounds demeaning. Such is a political gimmick taking too far.

Now that the Ijaw nation in Delta State has come together to chat a common front, our appeal is that, all sons and daughters of Ijaw nation should begin to appreciate our collective course.

Amb. Augustine Okporu (JP)
DG, Delta Ijaw 2023 Governorship Advocacy Group (DIGAG)

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