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C’RIVER 9TH SPEAKER ASSEMBLY: We’re Not Asking For too Much, All We Ask For is For Equity And Fairness To Prevail



As Cross Riverian decides who becomes the next 9th Speaker, Cross River State House of Assembly, it will be necessary for the government and other centralist LGAs to also allow equity and fairness to prevail, giving that a local government council which has since the inception of democracy positively supported the government in all ramifications should be treated as such.

It is most disheartening and very unfortunate that  Obubra as one of the oldest LGAs in Central Senatorial District is the only LGA that has never enjoyed the same fair sharing giving to other LGAs, hence the appeal for the position of the CRHA Speaker, 9th Assembly should be Zone to Obubra as a show of compensation.

The simple truth is that, even the governor, Senator Ben Ayade himself knows that Obubra is the only LGA in central that has never enjoyed the same power rotation, fair sharing as compare to what others have had.

“We are not asking for too much, all we ask for is for equity to prevail”

Cross River Central Senatorial District has six LGAs and all the local government council has two powerful commissioners each add to the other top political appointees, except Obubra which has only but one commissioner without no relevant appointment.

Now see the breakdown of all the top appointments given to Etung, Boki, Yakurr, Ikom, Abi, leaving Obubra open.

IKOM LGA : Ikom has two powerful commissioners in addition to other top political appointess.

ETUNG LGA : Etung has two powerful commissioners in addition to Senator, meanwhile, Obubra has just one Commissioner in addition to Nothing with a voting strength of over 103,000.

Etung has held the position of House of Representatives Seat for 16 years, meanwhile Obubra is still struggling to even make 4 years.

Etung has been the one enjoying the seat of house of Representatives for the past 16 years, they nearly gave it to Obubra because they needed to get the office of the Senate.

YAKURR LGA : Yakurr has two powerful commissioners in addition to House of Representatives Seat, also, the same Yakurr has held the position of the Speaker in person of Rt. Hon Bassey Ewa, held the position of Reps for over 24 years. Hon Obeten Okorn is from Yakurr and has held the seat of House of Representatives for 8 years, Hon Bassey Eko Ewa up till date he’s still there, he has held that same seat for more than 16 years, so if the House of Representatives Seat they had enjoyed for 24 years and Obubra is still struggling to even finish 4 years, is it this what they want to use against us (Obubra)?

If one may ask, The simple question is, the position Obubra is asking for, has Yakurr enjoyed it before? The answer is “YES”, but has Obubra smell it before, the answer is “NO” and then going about bringing up the excuses that Obubra is currently holding the Seat of House of Representatives, and this is the same seat you have enjoyed for 24 years, okay! Even as Hon Mike Etaba has taken it, the highest Obubra will retain this seat is just for 8 years

ABI LGA: Abi has two powerful commissioners in addition to 8th Speaker, Cross River State house Of Assembly.

BOKI LGA: Boki has two powerful commissioners in addition to the office of the Secretary To The State Government (SSG), which me and you knows is the third most important and powerful office in each given state, and you know what, Governor Ben Ayade has no intention to change her, Boki is going to retain the office of the SSG, same way as Biase will still retain the office of the Deputy Governor.

So from the above analysis, you could see that whoever is bringing up an issue of Obubra holding the office Obubra/Etung House of Representatives Seat, is only undermining, underrating and abusing Obubra as an LGA.

For the sake of equity, justice and fairness, I appeal that Boki, Etung, Yakurr, Abi, Ikom should support Obubra this time to also enjoy what they have enjoyed.

Jacob Clifford Edoma

Jake Clifford is a Nigerian Born blogger and a fast growing Journalist, whose aim is to inform Nigerians with happening across Nigeria.

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