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Coronavirus: Azorbo Blasts Hon. William Angadi For Abandoning Bomadi Local Govt People When They Need Him Most, Says The Council Chairman Lacks Leadership Skills In Governance, Charge Him To Provides Humanitarian Packages For The People



Coronavirus: Azorbo Blasts Hon. William Angadi For Abandoning Bomadi Local Govt People When They Need Him Most, Says The Council Chairman Lacks Leadership Skills In Governance, Charge Him To Provides Humanitarian Packages For The People

….Called On Lawmakers To Impeach Him Of Deliberate Negligence Of Responsibilities As The Chairman Of Bomadi Local Government Council


The act that established Local Government Councils listed out functions and responsibilities of a local government to the people. Local Governments were empowered to carry out responsibilities and over head functions similar to those of a state government.

Local Governments were empowered to construct and do maintenance work on: roads, street, drains, walkways, parks, and other necessary public facilities just like the state government.

Local Governments are also mandated to participate in: The provision and maintenance of primary education, development of agriculture and natural resources, provision of primary health care services and most importantly, the provision of humanitarian services and support to it’s people in times of terror, natural disasters, and disease outbreaks like the Coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing today.

Local Governments are not just mandated to carryout all these functions, but adequate funds are also made available to make sure these responsibilities are achieved. Millions of Naira are always voted for local government councils in the name of allocations and grants. These millions runs through billions per local government annually.

This brings us to the eyesore and the high-handedness of the Bomadi Council Chairman, Hon. William Angadi. Just like every other local government areas, funds are released for Bomadi Local Government Area as monthly allocation. Bomadi local government receives over 140 million Naira per month from the federation but the council boss out of his mismanagement and negligence abandoned his statutory financial responsibilities and decided to misappropriate the local government allocations monthly.

There is absolutely no project executed either capital or humanitarian services in Bomadi Local Government Area by the current administration that will commensurate the volume of money the council has received so far.

The council’s wage bill is between 52 to 59 million naira out of the over 140million naira allocation per month. It is only necessary for a serious and competent council chairman to use the remaining funds after meeting the payment of salaries for the establishment and provision of projects as listed above. But the case of Bomadi Council boss is different, he will rather pay salaries and mismanage the remaining huge funds. This lackadaisical behavior of a council boss breeds danger and gross underdevelopment in the council. How will those who are not salary earners who make-up about 70 percent of people in the council feel the dividends of Democracy? If salary payment is the only project and achievement of a council chairman in his administration, how will the common man appraise his administration? It is indeed an eyesore, and failure of the highest degree.

Even if the Council chairman has characterised negligence of the Bomadi Council over the years of his administration. we call upon him to at least reach-out to his people at this time of despair and sorrow as orchestrated by the Coronavirus pandemic. The council boss should as a matter of urgency arrange for humanitarian packages for the people of Bomadi Local Government Area. As the head of Council, the responsibility of easing and cushioning the socio/economic depression of his constituents lies upon him, hence he should jettison his gross ineptitude and show solidarity.

This trend of misappropriation of public funds will be dealt with, using the necessary institutions like the EFFCC and the ICPC. In 2019, Bomadi Local Government Area received over 1.4 billion naira in allocations. What did the council chairman and his administrators do with these funds? What project has this administration initiated carried out and completed.

From the day the Council chairman assumed office about two years ago ,what has he been able to achieve with the huge allocations he has received over the years? There is absolutely nothing on ground to commensurate monies received. The leadership of the APC Bomadi Local Government demands the council boss to make available what his administration has achieved with all the money received so far. Just like as stated above , the leadership of the APC Bomadi Local Government Area has resolved to approach relevant financial institutions with available information and findings to address this issue of financial misappropriation by the current Bomadi Local Government administration.

The chairman, APC Bomadi LGA.
Mr Amabiri Azorbo Paul.
31 March, 2020.

Comrade Kelly Gilor is a graduate of Communication Management from Delta State university (Delsu), Abraka. He believes in Justice and Equity with Good Governance. He is an activist of the Niger Delta.

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