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1. Amb. (Dr.) Godknows Boladei Igali’s government will use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as benchmark for development in the state, by prioritizing SDG in all facets of the economic plan in attaining the economic and social development objectives of Bayelsa state.


• Comprehensive policies to enhance peaceful and prosperous human existence covering education, health, housing and poverty alleviation
• To ensure that all citizens are able to live longer, healthier, happier and safer
• To ensure that life expectancy moves from present 52 years for men and 54 years for women to well above average of seventy years by 2030

a. Education:
i. Free, compulsory and enforced primary and secondary education.

ii. Total renovation and remodeling of all existing primary, secondary and technical school in the state.

iii. Total provision of uniforms, kits and study aids to all students.

iv. Provision of laptops to all students from JSS 1 and above.

v. Provision of minimum of two full meals per day to all students in primary and secondary schools.

vi. Total scholarship cover for student teachers, female students of engineering, medicine and sciences and persons with special needs.

vii. Construction of three special secondary schools for exceptionally gifted and talented children.

viii. Construction of one world class vocational education center per senatorial zone.

ix. Enhanced funding, infrastructure upgrade and technical support for the three universities, polytechnics and other specialized technical institutions.

b. Health:
i. Universal and comprehensive health insurance cover

ii. Building and reconstruction of primary health centers in all the 105 electoral wards.

iii. Building and reconstruction of cottage hospitals in all G24 head quarters.

iv. Building and reconstruction of general hospitals in the 8 LG quarters and 6 other cities and major towns

v. Establishment of pharmaceutical industry under PPP arrangements

vi. Enhancement the training of Doctors and health centre workers true robust funding of three teaching hospitals at NDU, Medical University and African University.

vii. Free medical treatment for all aged 11 and below, and 65 and above

viii. Free medical treatment for special cases involving hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, HIV, stroke etc.

ix. Free medical treatment for all pregnant and nursing mothers.

x. Nutrition support for special groups e.g. Above 70yrs, 5yrs and below, expectant and nursing mothers and those with special medical needs.

xi. Placing of special attention on people living with disabilities.

c. Housing:
i. Massive acquisition, part payment of compensation and preparation of lands around the state for mass housing scheme.

ii. Programme on large scale mass housing in state capital and at least forty other communities.

iii. Building of mini stadia and recreational centers in at least 40 communities

iv. Comprehensive mortgage scheme for all strata of society.

d. Poverty Alleviation and Social Spending:
i. Special programmes targeting poverty and improving the lot of the very poor.
ii. Special programmes on economic inclusion for the informal, mini and micro sector through cash enhancement and capacity building
iii. Special programmes for gender, mainstreaming and economic empowerment.

(Funding of this sector will come from savings made from reduced contribution of public fund in infrastructural development and from savings recoverable from curtailment of waste, mismanagement and corruption)

• Opening up of the entire state by road network through completion of the three trunk highways. i.e. Yenagoa, Nembe and Brass, Yenagoa, Ekeremor, Agge and Yenagoa, Oporoma Koluama/Furupa/Lobia/Ezetu

• Construction of arterial road to connect all other LGA head quarters and major towns.

• Commencement of phase construction of Agge deep-sea port and two other technical, logistic bases in Bayelsa Central and Bayelsa East zones

• Construction of at least four fishing harbours along the coast to enhance deep-sea fishing

• Development of two modern inland wharfs on the River Forcados and the River Nun

• Development of the Bayelsa international cargo airport as cargo hub for the South-South and the South-East

• Development of an inland container terminal and logistics base around Wilberforce island

• Construction of the infrastructure for industrial zones:

i. Industry and manufacturing (Agbere-Odoni axis)
ii. Energy hub (Gbarain/Ekpetiama/Opokuma axis)
iii. Agro allied hub (SILGA-Ogbia axis)
iv. Coastal oil and Gas zones in SILGA and Ekeremor

(The infrastructure master plan will be funded mainly from PPP, Bonds and other fiscal instruments and market based instruments. Public sector contributions will limited to counterpart funding and guarantees through IPO’s and thereby defreeze some money for social spending under Pillar 1.)

• Establish the template for best conditions of ease-of-doing business in Nigeria.

• Return to economic planning i.e. short term, medium term and long term.

• Comprehensive policy for industrial growth of the state.

• Focus on Gas-based off grid power clusters.

• Deploy solar solutions to localized power needs e.g. Health center, Hospitals, schools etc

• Supply individual communities on the gas grid with gas generators

• Focus on Gas-based economic growth targeting the midstream and downstream sectors

• Agriculture and Agro economy focusing on rice production, sugarcane, plantain/Banana and oil palm.

• Massive acquisition of land around the state and provision of equipment for trained and retrained agro entrepreneurs.

• Emphasis on aquaculture around the state.

• Development of local Deep-sea fishing vessel industry and training and retraining of young persons on local construction of Deep-sea vessels in.

• Provide counterpart funding for the Brass LNG and Brass fertilizer plant and other similar initiatives.

• Ensure the training, mentoring and provision of financial support for selected existing businesses to enable them grow.

• Ensure the training, mentoring and provision of financial support for 30-50 new business startups every month.

• Training, mentoring and provision of financial support for the marine and maritime sector.

• Obtain licenses from relevant regulatory agencies to commence participation in exploitation of underwater solid minerals

(Our economic plan will be led, driven and sustained by the private sector)

• Redouble robust community and civil engagement as a primary option to ensure security of lives and properties in the state.

• Retrain, strengthen, retool and rekit the various vigilante and community based security outfits to enhance intelligence gathering and operational effectiveness.

• Strengthen the operational synergy with security and law enforcement agencies i.e. the Military, DSS, Civil Defense etc

• Deploy science and technology in enhancing surveillance around the state and tracking down of criminality.

• Focus on environmental security:

i. Study 2011 UNEP report on Ogoni for possible application to Bayelsa state

ii. Study report of commission on environment led by Arch Bishop John Sentanu
iii. Seek international support and deploy resources to tackle climate change i.e. sea water rise, coastal erosion and ocean surge.

• Focus on the unity and brotherhood among the Ijaw political elites across the various states including those in diaspora.

• Take active measures to promote all aspects of the Ijaw culture, traditions and history

• Constitute panel of experts to workout strategies and implementation programme on the adoption of a central Ijaw dialect and the development of curriculum.

• Massive teachers education and production of pedagogic materials for the teaching of the central Ijaw language at Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions in all the 6 states of the country as well as in other special centers such as Lagos, Abuja, London, Atlanta etc

• Enhance the independence but efficient operation of INC, IYC, PANDEF and similar bodies and collaborate with them as appropriate

• Enconcert with our neighbours in Niger Delta, pursue other matters related to fiscal federalism, resource control and true federalism.

• Strengthen the peace and harmony between the Ijaws and promote regional cooperation between the South-South and between the South-South and the South-East.

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