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APC Rivers State Students League Blasts Abe Group Over Endless Attack On Amaechi, Eze, Other Party Leaders, Says Youth Today Elders Tomorrow



APC Rivers State Students League Blasts Abe Group Over Endless Attack On Amaechi, Eze, Other Party Leaders, Says Youth Today Elders Tomorrow


Your post afore captioned made an interesting reading. It could well have passed as one of those tales by moonlight, but for the fact that as a media hireling, it was incumbent upon you to justify your pay, even as it also may have arisen from sheer ignorance and sense of busybody.

We may not be interested in dabbling into addressing the concerns you raised in the said piece for the dignity of the critical stakeholders who we represent as such may portray us as aliens ignorant of the perpetrators of the ripple of crisis that rocked the Rivers APC and the toll it took on Rivers people during and after the elections.

Although your faceless group does not qualify to get the esteemed attention of Rivers students on this matter however, we elect to take the risk of defiling the dignity in silence just to do you a favour by offering you this dignified response.

It is shocking to observe that despite several warnings issued by Rivers students for media attackers to exercise some restraints and show respect to party leaders and elders, they have continued in their rampage, exhuming the most degrading and unbefitting words from their grammatical archives to describe senior citizens who can best be said to be ‘excellent compatriots,’ committed to the good of humanity.

We wish to enlighten you and your group to be weary of the painful and disastrous effects of insulting elders despite the fiscal rewards and pleasure you may at present be gaining from the venture. We encourage you to be guided by good conscience.

As youths, your tomorrow is too precious to Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, and every other well meaning leader of the party, and they are not resting on their oars towards ensuring that Rivers people (including you) get the best out of life by striving to institutionalize good governance in our dear state.

You should exert more energies in speaking against the peak of insecurity in Rivers State. Not raining insults on state elders.

The skyrocketing level of unemployment in Rivers state should preoccupy your eccentricity and public discuss. Not malice.

For your education and enlightenment, do you know that:

Borno state has completed their PVC pipe factory with the capacity to meet up the demand of the entire North East, stop purchases from Lagos, with capacity to export enough to Chad? It produces conduit, water hose and 64 variants of pipes, making it the most comprehensive ever in Nigeria.

Borno state has built the cheapest, best and biggest solar panel factory in Africa, beating South Africa and Egypt? At 40MW now & 150MW by 2022, it will supply stable power to industries & sell solar panels to shops in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

Recently, Ogun State through its Roadmap, built the biggest tiles factory in Africa at just N3.4bn.
The factory has cut Nigeria’s import; and supply 75% of our demand. Now they have increased their electricity to 21.4mw as 2-new factories are being built for export.
But in Rivers state, N3 billion is not even enough for bribery in the state budget.

You should concern yourselves with the fact that under the current administration, – soon, Rivers state will no longer be relevant in comity of states in Nigeria.

We counsel you to join Chief Eze in speaking against the maladministration in Rivers state to prod the government to action.

With the above, Rivers students call for a ceasefire and renunciation of your unnecessary media attacks on Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, Chief Eze C. Eze and every other leader of the Rivers APC you have penciled down for defamation.

Youths Today; Elders Tomorrow.

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