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Niger Delta Amnesty Programme: Sack Dokubo Now, Creek Dragons Tells Buhari Says Dokubo Is A Stranger To The Niger Delta Struggle



Prof. Charles Dokubo

Niger Delta Amnesty Programme: Sack Dokubo Now, Creek Dragons Tells Buhari

Says Dokubo Is A Stranger To The Niger Delta Struggle

Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-agitators under the auspices of Creek Dragons has called on president Muhammadu Buhari to urgently remove the current coordinator of the presidential amnesty program, Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo.

This was contained in a strong worded press statement issued to newsmen in Yenagoa, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper earlier today, signed by the National President of Creek Dragons, self styled Gen. Freedom Adowei, popularly known as Adosky Marine.

Adowei had in the statement maintained that Prof. Dokubo is alien to the Niger Delta struggle for emancipation, stressing that his removal from the office will better for the amnesty program to move forward by achieving its aims and objectives.

The statement had accused Prof. Quaker as incompetent, alleging that the entire amnesty program has become a caricature and heading to nowhere with the current coordinator at the helms of affairs.

The group had insisted that Dokubo must be sacked to maintain the fragile peace that is existing in the Niger Delta region, frowning that the inefficiency of the amnesty boss has made genuine ex-agitators as strangers to the programme while strangers have owners of the programme

“We need people that understands the core issues of the program, people that are in constant touch with the ex-agitators, it is a pitiable situation that while Dokubo’s activities have completely messed up the program” Adowei stated.

The Creek Dragons had vowed that they will not continue to tolerate such pattern of leadership from Quaker, adding that the entire program has been hijacked by strange elements.

“The Creek Dragons comprise of Niger Delta ex field agitators under the chairmanship of Gen. Adowei, alias Adosky Marine have collectively resolved that the Amnesty Boss Prof. Dokubo who remain alien to the Niger Delta struggle should be put aside for  a more Niger Delta struggle oriented leader who is well grounded with the amnesty deal.

“The mandate for which the Amnesty Programme was established remained unknown to Dokubo, hence, abused become rampant under his leadership.

“The presidential Amnesty Programme which commenced July 11, 2009 was initially aimed to rehabilitate Niger Delta militants who had engaged in the armed struggle for a better deal in the nation’s oil gains by giving them the needed training and meaningful empowerment but now the reverse is the case.

“The mandate for which the Amnesty Programme was established is now shortchanged. Thousands of beneficiaries whose names made the original list are now swapped for ghost names, hence, they stop receiving payment. Hopes of beneficiaries who await calls for their various techno-vocational training are now dashed, the programme no longer serve it’s purpose.

“Contracts are now sold and being awarded for projects that never served the purpose of the programme and concubines are now the awardees. Political generals are now his security of assurance to loot funds meant for ex agitators training. About nine thousand(9000) ex field agitators who still await call to be fully engaged by the government are yet to be recognized and carried along by Prof. Dokubo’s team. Dokubo lack’s not just grassroot dealing with the true ex agitators but in the habit of dealing with ghost and strange ex agitators have succeeded in mortgaging the essence of the programme for uncertainty.

“Students in tertiary institutions under the Presidential Amnesty Programme sponsorship were asked to withdraw due to non payment of tuition fees.

“Dokubo, show of incompetence outplayed itself on the mismanagement of equipments worth billion of Naira in the starter Pack Warehouse at Kaiama Amnesty Centre. On several occasions alleged embezzlement of money allocated to the Presidential Amnesty Programme has been made against the office which also led to the House of Rep resolving to set up an ad hoc committee to investigate such allegations yet nothing has been done to address these menace.

“Our findings shows that, since resumption of office, Dokubo, has never visited any Niger Delta State, Kingdom, Clan or Community in view of assuring peace and security which formed the bedrock of the programme, that alone tell that Dokubo cannot negotiate on behalf of the Niger Delta people. Hence, he should step aside for a more competent and struggle friendly leader to take over.

“It is in view of these fact that the Niger Delta ex field agitators under the aegis of Creek Dragons implore the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari to wade into the matter by removing Professor Charles Dokubo who no longer serve the collective interest of Niger Delta.

“The indicative of a successful implementation of the two key mandates of the Amnesty Programme which is to maintain peace and security is now in doubt. We will never forget leaders like Ndutimi Alaebe and Hon. Kingsley Kuku, their proactiveness coupled with the field base experiences in the discharged of duty as amnesty bosses during their reigns will forever be remembered. During these regimes, the youths felt the dividends of the Amnesty Programme. Youths were empowered through techno-vocational training, employment, and offered higher education scholarship.

“Dokubo, must go in other to reassure the already existing peaceful atmosphere in line with the Presidential Amnesty Peace and Security deal for a sustainable oil production quantum maintained so far.” The statement had asserted.

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